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Artists Touring 2017/2018 

A list of all performances for the 2017/2018 season can be found below:IanSherwood

Tax Implications For Non-Canadians Touring With OSAC

OSAC is required to withhold tax on any payments we submit to artists that are not residents of Canada. If you are an international artist and will be touring with OSAC, you may decide to apply for a waiver. CAPACOA has an informative guide on the who, what, when, where and why when applying for a tax waiver.

Non-Resident Information 

What Artists Tour With OSAC?

That is a great question. The best way for you to see if your performance type would be suitable for OSAC presenters is to see the artists that have toured with OSAC previously. Below are links to pages that list the artists that toured with OSAC in the last 2 touring season and the number of performances they did. 

How OSAC Operates

Here is a link to a document explaining the OSAC model and how we do business including how artists are selected to Showcase and how artists can perform in OSAC communities. Touring the Performing Arts In Saskatchewan With OSAC 

7 Things To Ensure A Successful OSAC Tour

This document will give you 7 important things to know when touring with OSAC including timezone info, road condition info etc. 7 things to make your OSAC tour a success.pdf

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