Cash Back

Sat, Sep 29, 2018 @ 7:30 pm @ Watrous Civic Centre

Community: Watrous Area Arts Council

Website: www.cashbackmusic.net

In the spring of 1955 Johnny Cash walked into the legendary Sun Recording Studio in Memphis Tennessee and the music world was never the same. Cash Back performs the music of one of the world’s greatest music icons through authentic versions of songs that made him legendary, ranging from the fifties to the ninety’s including gospel. They respectfully and lovingly reference the late, great Man In Black’s early Columbia and Sun Records sound. They try to keep the Cash sound as authentic as possible while adding their own flavor to the mix. Cash Back draws from a large repertoire of songs either written and/or performed by Cash, including the June Carter Cash duets. Cash Back also pays tribute to the Carter Family whose music was so influential and who became an integral part of Johnny Cash’s life.
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