Coco Love Alcorn

Wed, Oct 17, 2018 @ 8:00 pm @ George Layh Theatre

Community: Langenburg Arts Council

Website: www.cocolovealcorn.com

Coco Love Alcorn has always followed her spirit, but never so literally as with her latest album, Wonderland. The songs spring from her personal journey, but true to her nature, Coco offers a universal interpretation that invites all listeners to jump in and sing along. Everything she has ever done has led her here, to Wonderland, a collection of songs that are an invitation to connect, an invitation to sing, and an invitation to herself to dig deeper than ever before. After all those years of thinking she was chasing down a sound it turns out she was searching for the right feeling. That feeling is connection.Everyone has a spirit and music is a universal language that can speak to the spirit. So with the human spirit as my muse, I have written songs that are very simple yet come from a very deep place.
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