Booking and Brochure Information for the Fall 2020 tours is now available. Deadline to book all tours is Friday, May 15, 2020. 

Tours available are Rainbow Dance Theatre: iLumiDance (Oregon), K-12 and Karima Essa: Bollywood Dancer (BC), K-12

FALL 2020 Brochure & Booking Information

Click here to view a study guide for Rainbow Dance Theatre: iLumiDance

Click here to view study guide for Karima Essa: Bollywood Dance

For further information please email Marianne Woods


Who Can Book School Tours?
Any organization that is booking on behalf of a school - individual schools, school boards, or arts councils.

Cost of Membership ?

  • No membership fee or minimum bookings required to be on the mailing list
  • $30.00 annual associate membership fee is charged when you book a show
  • Block booking performance fee is negotiated with the touring artist
  • $10.00 is added to the cost of each show that you book

 Membership Benefits !

  • Brochure each spring and fall with a description of upcoming shows, age suitability, cost, maximum audience, and booking questionnaire
  • Booking confirmation, tour schedules, invoice, study guides, evaluation reports
  • Associate membership entitles you to register for the Showcase Conference
  • A vote at the annual general meeting

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