OSAC is pleased to announce these artists selected to tour Saskatchewan schools in 2019/2020. 

Greg Kennedy (US) – K-12 Audiences

gregkennedy rhombi1Greg Kennedy: Innovative Juggler is a combination of high-energy juggling, clean comedy and unique performance pieces. Can anything be fun about the study of physics? Will we ever use these things in our real lives? If you are juggler Greg Kennedy, the answer to both these questions is: Absolutely Yes! Greg, whose mind for logic and science led him first to a career in engineering, has discovered the excitement and challenge of creating performance art using the fundamental concepts of physics. His shows, which are as mind-boggling as they entertain, illustrate the principles of motion, light, energy and, of course, gravity. But they also illustrate something else: that determination and imagination can turn academic pursuit into a powerful art form.

Greg honed his skills performing for five years with Cirque du Soleil in 25 cities for more than 3 million people. He won the Gold Medal at the International Jugglers' Association Championships, appeared on the Tonight Show and has received over two million views on YouTube. Greg continues to receive praise and recognition from his peers for his original contributions, broadening the fields of juggling and performance art. He presently balances his performing career with a pursuit of juggling innovation, experimenting with new shapes and surfaces as well as practicing traditional skills.

“Master Juggler Greg Kennedy is outstanding.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Kennedy’s magical skills caused jaws to drop.” – Abeline Report News   


Vancouver Theatresports League (BC) – K-12 Audiences

vtsl inclusive improv1Inclusive Improv: What is inclusion and why does it matter? What better way for students to find out than through improv, where all voices and ideas are included? Vancouver TheatreSports’ new show explores the main themes of the British Columbia Curriculum’s inclusion policy through games and scenes based on audience suggestions. Elementary and middle-school students won’t just be learning about inclusivity, they’ll be putting it into hilarious action in this dynamic and collaborative performance.

Themes: Comedy, Creativity, Empowerment, Imagination, Improvisation, Interaction, Listening Skills, Narrative, Spontaneity, Story Telling, Teamwork.

Vancouver TheatreSports League began in 1980 and is now a local institution and a worldwide phenomenon, producing and staging some of the most daring and innovative improv in the world. The performance is an improvised story-tale where the main performers in this story are the students! Two improvisers narrate and guide the story and build a stellar cast from the audience. The participants will also supply audience suggestions and sound effects that will be incorporated into the stories. The improvisers travel with an array of costume pieces that the participants can wear, as they become immersed in the land of make believe and improv for audiences K-8.

For Grades 9-12, they offer Instant Improv: Students get to spark the action with their suggestions in this hilarious performance. Then, right before their eyes, their ideas and stories are instantly transformed into reality through improvised scenes. Whether it's someone's first kiss, a bad day on the job or a recent mishap, each Instant Improv performance is as unique as its audience.

“The teachers really appreciated the way you interacted with the students, and the students though you were all very funny!” - JT Brown Elementary, Surrey, BC

“Fabulous!” - Irwin Park Elementary, West Vancouver, BC   https://www.kbamonline.com/#/vtsl-inclusive-improv/

Roseneath Theatre - Outside (ON) – Grades 7-12

outside roseneath theatre 002

Three friends. Two high schools. One lunch hour. Outside is the story of Daniel, a teen who triumphs over homophobic bullying, depression, and suicide. During a meeting of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at his new school, Daniel shares his story. Meanwhile, at his old school, struggling to come to terms with what happened, his friends Krystina and Jeremy attempt to start their own GSA. Using flashbacks, we travel through Daniel's harrowing experience of bullying that began with a taunt and a text message and eventually led to a serious physical assault. This presentation is appropriate for Grades 7-12.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies & the Humanities, Physical and Health Education, Equity and Inclusive Education, Drama

Themes: Homophobia, Gay Straight Alliances, Bullying/Cyberbullying, Mental Health/Teen Suicide

Touring since 1983, Roseneath Theatre is one of Canada’s leading producers of award-winning theatre for children and their families. Our plays address issues that resonate with today’s youth, encouraging them to reflect on themselves and their place within the community. Always entertaining and imaginative, our productions have been engaging youth in meaningful dialogue, and key social justice and equity concepts for over thirty years. Our professional Canadian artists are encouraged to re-examine the field, infusing the sophisticated subject matter of our shows with some of the magic of childhood. Roseneath gives up to 300 performances per year to approximately 100,000 young people, making us the largest professional touring company in Ontario.   www.roseneath.ca

Gord’s Guitars – Gordon Grdina (BC) – K-12 Audiences

grdina16d12 0025a1 003

One person, seven guitars and an oud. Guitar virtuoso Gord Grdina takes students on an exciting musical, social and geographic journey through the history of guitar music from Arabic, Classical, Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Pop styles. Through looping technology, percussion and projections, Gord will accompany himself on several instruments at once while engaging students through listening games and physical activity. Musically you’ll hear everything from tradition Egyptian music to Johnny Cash, and Muddy Waters to AC/DC. Gord has been touring extensively in B.C. in 2018 with a great response from both elementary and high school audiences, adjusting the show to suit the audience. He is a seasoned educational performer. having lead the Blues Berries performing in schools throughout Canada for the past 15 years. Learning through fun!

Juno award winner Gordon Grdina has led many bands and toured throughout the world - most notably in the Dan Mangan band, Haram, and the Gordon Grdina NYC Quartet. He is an Oud/Guitarist whose sound is a combination of his interests in rock, mainstream jazz, free-form improvisation and Arabic classical music. He has been performing in schools for over 15 years as a member of the Blues Berries and has performed over 1,000 school concerts in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. His educational performances have introduced hundreds of thousands of students to established genres of popular music through carefully designed programs including The History of the Blues, Jazz in the Gym, A History of Rock and Roll, Jazz, Jive, and Wail, and Blues Rocks!

“Thanks for an awesome concert today. The staff and students at Waverley really enjoyed the concert!” - Linda Lee, Waverley Elementary

“We thought the presentation was fantastic. It was at the student’s level, involved students appropriately (age level), and the music was great. It really uplifted the staff in the morning for sure and was enjoyed by the students!” - Ryan Colbert, Jackson Elementary School   https://blues-berries.com/gords-guitars/ 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Cruz

Hip Hop Hoop Dance (SK) – K-12 Audiences

hip hop photo 1

World champion hoop dancer, Terrance Littletent, collaborates with interdisciplinary artist, Chancz Perry, to produce a cross-cultural fusion of First Nations Hoop Dance and North American Hip Hop. Both engaging performers share an historical, educational and inspirational outlook of the two dance genres.

Terrance Littletent is from the Kawacatoose Cree Nation and was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. Much of his traditional teachings were inherited through his family and elders, singers and dancers, storytellers and academics. Terrance is an accomplished Grass and Hoop Dancer who has traveled across Canada, the United States, and overseas, sharing his gift of song, dance, and narrative, in a humble way. At the age of 6, Terrance had already been introduced to the traditional techniques and movement skills used to create his own dance choreography. By the age of 8, Terrance’s uncle; Kirby Littletent, presented him with the gift of the hoop, which inspired Terrance to continue his uncle’s legacy of sharing the ways of their people. 11 years later, Terrance became recognized as a World-Renowned Hoop Dancer. As an educator, producer, and performer, Terrance continues to find ways to bridge traditional and contemporary dance and music styles. He was employed as the Regina Public School Cultural Liaison, working with community school students in the public-school system.

Chancz Perry has spent over 30 years in the entertainment industry – on stage, screen, and behind the scenes. This multifaceted performer and choreographer has received numerous awards including the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award (Vancouver Sun’s Entertainer of the Year). He is certified in Early Childhood Education, has a BFA in Dance, and a BA in Criminology from Simon Fraser University. He is currently completing a Master of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Regina while being an Artist in Residence in Regina Public Schools.

“The performance contained a wonderful balance of performance and teachings which for our older students helped them understand the similarities that exist between First Nations and the cultural roots of Africa. There was so much shared about First Nations’ world view and their belief system, such as learning about the five hoops.” – Balgonie Elementary School

“The students and staff enjoyed the art of dance and theatre, but embraced the learning component, when the performers linked First Nations and African colonialism to one another to send a strong message out to everyone. Colonialism is a global issue that can be related to many cultures all over the world and I liked how they used dance and drama to send this message home to the audience. It is a way to teach students acceptance of others and to promote the elimination of racism in our schools. I loved this presentation.” – Blaine Lake Composite School

Photo courtesy of JL Photography

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