Leah Marie Dorion: Being One with the Earth

From February 01, 2019 00:00 until February 23, 2019 00:00
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Leah Marie Dorion is a professional Métis artist, filmmaker, writer and educator living in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Dorion’s work has shown nationally and internationally, is featured in numerous children’s books, and has won many awards and grants. Dorion’s work is rich in colour and texture; often portraying a culturally based narrative and featuring Métis and First Nations symbols, her work is especially appealing to children. "My artistic practice is a spiritual expression and a celebration of my mixed Cree and Métis heritage. My art is themed around the healing and portrayal of Aboriginal women’s knowledge, teachings, and spirituality. In my work I represent Aboriginal women as the 'first teachers' and 'givers of life' which is in our cultural teachings. I incorporate beadwork, earth based materials, women’s material culture, in order to honor my women ancestors in a contemporary manner."1
1 Leah Marie Dorion, Artist Statement, 2015.

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